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Friday, October 9, 2009

unexpected turns of events

A couple weeks ago I went to a show at the Covey Arts Center by Kendra Lowe. She brought David Archuleta in as a guest singer towards the end of her show, and I was lucky enough to go backstage afterwards and meet him. Kinda fun :) He's a sweet boy, and SO little! 
In other news...I found out on Monday that there was a modeling audition on Tuesday that I could go to. Problem was, the most recent headshots I had were taken my senior year of high school, and those were lost when my hard drive crashed last July. As a result, Jamie and I decided to take matters into our own hands...we pinned my top sheet over the closet door in our hallway and stuck Shayla in charge of holding the lamp. It was quite the sight to see. That's the back of a painting she's using to reflect the light. haha.

halfway through the shoot i looked over at Shayla and found her unconsciously trying to imitate all the different smiles i was doing with her mouth. For those of you who aren't quite sure what i'm referring to, think of a mother feeding her young child...Almost every time without fail, as she brings the spoon towards the baby's mouth, her mouth opens as well. We call this "cameling"... Needless to say, I lost it for about five minutes.

Every time i look at these pictures I remember Shayla's face and it makes me laugh all over again. Who would have thought taking headshots could be such a fun experience? Once we were sick of taking pictures, we found one that was tolerable, printed it out at Kodak, and went to bed. I guess I'll be investing in some real headshots soon so that I won't have to be embarrassed by my picture next time I show up at an audition :)