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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

part of your world.

You would think that a girl named Danielle would be able to recognize a capital "D" anywhere. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For a long time I thought the Disney "D" was a symbol of some sort instead of a letter. I have always known the word was read "Disney" so I never really thought to question it...I still remember how enlightened I felt the day my mind was able to see the letter for what it really was: a capital D with one too many swirls.  To be honest, it still looks more like a backwards "G" to me every time I look at it, but I guess that's just something I'll have to deal with. 

Despite my issues with the "Disney" lettering, I am a huge Disney fan, and have been since birth. When I was two I wanted to be The Little Mermaid.

I literally had the entire movie memorized and I would record myself singing along to the soundtrack with my parent's big ghetto karaoke machine. Let's just say we have some priceless cassette tapes and home videos :) For Halloween one year my mom sewed me my very own Ariel costume, and my 8-month old brother was Sebastian. We were quite the sight. The following February I had a Little Mermaid themed birthday party with an Ariel-face cake and home-made Flounder gift bags, all made from scratch by my mom...

My mermaid obsession did eventually come to an end, but I can still be found singing "Part of Your World" at the top of my lungs in my apartment or car from time to time.

A few years ago I went and saw this Disney classic come to life on Broadway. Though it wasn't my favorite show of all time, it was still pretty magical to see my childhood fantasy unfold in front of me. I have recently been obsessed with the quartet "If Only" from the musical. 

I find myself singing it A LOT, and playing it on repeat occasionally at work...Haha. I'm obviously really cool. Here's a version someone put to clips from the original movie.

So, why the heck am I writing a blog post on The Little Mermaid and Disney? Basically because I'm such a Disney fan, and if you want to know more about me, this is a good place to start. There are very few days where a disney song DOESN'T go through my head, and most people who hang out with me hear me humming them constantly. Not long ago I had a guy ask me if my life was a Disney movie. What can I say? Alan Menken is a talented songwriter, and his tunes have been engrained in me since birth! 

I love everything about Disney, from the parks, characters, fantasies, and melodies all the way down to the Disney Channel and it's corny shows. Walt Disney was a smart man. There are few things more magical than the world of fairytales he created. To him, I tip my hat.