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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Impossible Task of Picture Taking

My sweet husband hates taking pictures. I LOVE it. haha. Poor guy. I know he'll find a way to be grateful for my obsession with documenting our lives someday. Yesterday he looked especially cute and it was our 10 month anniversary, so I decided we should take a picture. Easier said than done.

After about 15 tries we still didn't have one with both of us looking/smiling that was in focus. I even tried again later and still had ten shots that sucked and only ONE that was decent. Seriously? How hard it is to hold still and grin for a second? haha. Apparently, very. Oh well, these goofy shots sum up our relationship a little better than a fake smiling picture would anyway!

 On a completely random side note...How stinkin' cute and stylish are my sisters!! They are both in NYC for the summer having the time of their lives...and I am so jealous! Unlike Colby, they LOVE taking pictures as much as I do. I'm thinking we will have to have some fun photo shoots when I'm in the city 2.5 weeks from now :) Can't wait!


Lauren said...

wait...we're having the time of our lives? haha. i beg to differ...but thanks!

Robbie + Carly said...

Is he checking out your rack in #3? ;)

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