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Monday, September 14, 2009

just some things...

Well the Questar Gas guy just left...The poor guy was here for over an hour trying to figure out what the source of the carbon monoxide was, but luck. Our windows and doors have been open for the past two days as we were scared of dying, and that didn't help him get any readings.  He cleaned out our water heater, told me his suspicions, and commented on how he wished he'd been here the night it went off. I guess they have a 24/7 number we should have called the same time we called 911, so he said if it ever goes off again (which it better not!), to call them first. oops...haha. He also said that the guy who came in July to fix the problem the first time around did a crappy job cleaning the water heater, so we just have to hope that whatever was done differently this time will have done the trick. 

I also found out today that only a few of the apartments in Belmont have carbon monoxide detectors...heaven bless our owner for taking extra precautions and putting one in our condo! scary, scary. 

On a completely opposite note...

I love to cook (assuming i can afford the proper ingredients haha) and I have this amazing rub for chicken or steak fajitas that i thought i'd share with you :) My dad made it up on the phone with me one time, and it's super fast and easy. Just mix it together, rub it on the steak/chicken before cooking, and then grill your meat in a cast iron or stainless steel pan!

(you kind of have to guess with amounts..., but there's really no going wrong, just put more in of the stuff you like best, and less of the other stuff)

-garlic powder
-onion powder (if you don't have this in your kitchen, get it! it's amazing)
-chili powder
-ground cumin
-a little brown sugar
-salt and pepper
-cayenne pepper if you like a little kick

For the last 3-4 minutes on the pan, squeeze fresh lime juice on the meat and cover. I promise you will love it. yay! 
The fajitas are best served with sauteed onions/peppers, homemade guac and salsa...maybe in a future post i'll give you my recipes for those too :)


Chase said...

FRIEND! I'm glad you're in the blogging world. Keep at it, even when you think no one reads it! Tons of people read and never comment- so keep at it! Good luck and I look forward to checkin in.

Ps. Bomb photo ;)

Karly Staples said...

YAY! Welcome to the blogging world. Love it cute girl! We need to get together some time with our apartments!

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