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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a little update

- No longer in Young Ambassadors: I decided it was high time to get this whole graduation thing done with, so I said my tearful goodbye to the group at the end of our Scandinavian tour this summer, and have been trying to sort out my future ever since. I had an amazing two years in the group though and made some incredible friends that I know I'll have for life...not to mention, it's also where I met Jaremy :) Here's a video of the YAs performing "Can't Help Falling in Love" at BYU's Homecoming Spectacular a year ago. Not my favorite recording of myself, but what can you do...

Singing "Can't Help Falling in Love":
Singing "reflection":
the entire group in Bergen, Norway

-Majoring in English: I've always enjoyed writing and english has always been one of my strongest subjects, so this path seemed logical. I'm not positive what I'm going to do with it yet, but it's very broad so my options are pretty open :) As of now I've considered journalism, something in the marketing/advertising industry, creative writing, and perhaps teaching...I guess we'll just have to see which of those areas I get a good job in!

-Still love performing: Don't worry, there's no way I'm giving up singing. I'm gonna go in to the studio and get some decent recordings of myself, take some new headshots, update my resume, attempt to write some songs, and get my stuff out there. I'm not trying to get famous or anything, I just love to perform and wouldn't be happy unless I found myself some way to sing.

Singing "unwritten" in Young Ambassadors:

-The Fam: Currently located in NY (upstate as well as the city). Lauren is a beautiful 16-year old now, and a junior in high school. Nicole's my funny little mini-me. So cute. She's 12 and in 7th grade.

My mom keeps herself busy everyday painting, cleaning, singing and making sure our house and property stay in working order. Don't know how she does it, but we sure love her for it and our house looks great!

My dad works in Manhattan mon-thurs, and then in the albany office near our house on fridays. Adam is 19 and currently serving a mission in Hiroshima, Japan and he couldn't be more excited. We're all so proud of him and to be honest, we're also a little jealous he gets to be back in Japan for 2 years without us. He had to eat natto (fermented beans) his first morning there, and swears he'll never try those again because "it smells like paint and is like putting snot in your mouth". hahaha. That was something I never worked up the courage to try when we lived there. Sure do miss that goof.


Lindsay said...

You are an AMAZING singer and I have NO idea why you don't like that recording of yourself!

Stacy said...

hey Dani, cute blog, thanks for commenting on my long lost blog. Though it appears with my current job I have nothing to do with it, I actually have a lot of experience in those fields you discussed. I graduated in Communications from U of U and my minor was English (creative writing). English is a TOUGH major, it was so much harder than my Communications. SO many books to read and papers to write. I also was the editor-in-chief of UVSC's newspaper for a year while I was there and anchored their broadcast news a few times. Then, I had an intership my senior year at the U with Salt lake magazine.
Having kids changed my career path, but someday I hope to write more again. Anyways, we could chat about it sometime when Jamie doesn't monopolize the conversation :)
PS, you have a great voice! I'd never heard it before :)

Nate and Cami said...

Beautiful Girl!!! YOU'RE NOT IN YA ANYMORE?? Oh man, thank goodness I found your blog, I almost bought tickets to Spectacular to see you. Cute blog! I miss you - now that you're not in YA and you're boy is in Mississippi, you should totally have time to hang out. :-)

Jeanette Lefrandt said...

I miss you!!! I just felt like totally reminiscent looking through your blog!! Hope all is well!! Ps... I am coming over tonight!!! :)

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